Want To Get A Dog?

I Don’t Want A Show Dog. I Just Want A Pet.

10 Questions you must ask your breeder – AFTER you know she’s responsible

The tragic myth of being “chosen” by a puppy

How To Kill A Shelter Dog?

Buying A Puppy Takes  A Place of A Shelter Dog.

I Consider Him A Rescue

“We’re responsible breeders…”

Designer dogs–so when are we going to see the “Halston”?

Redefining the Puppy Mill

Is there such a thing as a responsible breeder of designer dogs?

Top Five Reasons to Breed Your Dog

Should You Breed Your Dog flowchart

Top Five Reasons Not to Breed Your Dog

What is a “sound” dog?

How much do puppies cost? How the “breeder wars” hurt our community

So You Want to Breed Your Bitch: A Consideration for the Would Be Casual Breeder


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